About the project

A step ahead and a few floors

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Our three towers totalling 448 appartments (with duplexes at the top) will offer you so much more then a home:

  • Private elevated piazzetta with a unique landscape design,
  • In-court shopping area connected to a small park,
  • Easily accessible private underground parking with electric car charging point.
You love perks at work.
You'll love perks at home.

A new lifestyle means new rituals, so here you go:

  • Coffee shop downstairs for your morning routine,
  • Coworking space with internet, printing, scanning facilities for a productive day,
  • Private children's playground for your peace of mind,
  • Private package delivery room for your online shopping,
  • Private cinema room for your evening entertainment,
  • Free Wi-Fi in all common spaces goes witout saying.
Vibe Forward means mobility and
speed. Obviously.

Have an electric car? You'll get a charging station in the parking. For the short, nimble trips to town, rent your electric scooter straight from home.

And for a swift trip to floor 17, use our high speed elevators. We respect everyone's right to be impatient outside their yoga class.

Smart towers with
technology-enabled safety.

To make you feel save, not only are our buildings earthquake and fire resistant, but they are theft-proof.

You'll have 24h security, video intercom, app-based resident management, and code access to the apartments. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your sunset.

Living "greener" starts with your

With plenty of space to live, our apartments come with no space for compromise. Our buildings will have the Green Homes certification, as all our systems have been designed to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

In other words, you will have lower costs on a long term in a home that was built with you, other people, and the environment in mind. Your comfort will be enhanced by our ventilated facades and the state of the art general heating system.

Your day is as good as what you
see around you.

For something you see several times a day every day, elegant design is a must.

The exterior and interior architecture are already taken care of, with the spacious, modern entrance lobby displaying distinctive design elements, the glass balustrades for the balconies, the aluminium windows, and the exquisite LED façade lighting.

For your own home design, we'll make our "turn-key" interior design consultant available. Your dream has the right to be impatient, too.

Live in the tallest towers at the
heart of Bucharest's business

We will rise our three towers in two phases.

The first tower will have 17 levels, 195 apartments and 12 duplexes on the last floor.

Sold on a first come, first served basis. The 2nd phase will be even taller.

Control your comfort and safety
from an app. Smart space, isn't it?

Your home will be more than a place. It will be a smart space. Created by international architects, Vibe Forward apartments have an integrated Smart Home system through which you can control your living environment remotely, through a mobile app.

But smart spaces means more than the latest technology. It also means smart design. Design made in such a way that you'll be surprised of how spacious our apartments look.

No space is wasted for useless hallways or walls, so you can practice your dance moves freely when nobody's looking. And when you're good enough, you'll have space to show off yo your friends!

Real dreams come with technical

Smart system for home management via app for:

  • Apartment temperature control
  • Flood alarm system
  • Apartment access alarm
  • Smoke alarm
  • Smart central unit with multiple extend possibilities
  • Pre-wired for telephone, data and TV
  • Floor heating
  • Aluminium windows
  • Modern designed bathrooms
  • Triple layered high quality parquet
  • Reinforced entrance door
  • Fibre-optic cable for fastest internet connection
  • Designed interiour doors

You can buy your new smart space in any of the three options:

One bedroom apartment


Two bedroom apartment


Three bedroom apartment