About us

Vibe Properties is a partnership between people who share the passion for quality, who value fair business and transparency, pay deep respect to their customers, and set out to build a leading brand for real estate residential development in Romania.

We create projects carefully, choosing high-interest locations with relevant points of interest in the proximity. We go for architectural design that brings about a unique vibe and we add common spaces and services for a complete lifestyle.

At the core of our focus is creating not just apartments, but smart spaces - a mix of smart design and smart technology that define the 21st century home in all the big modern cities of the world. Our quest is to always optimize the utilization of the space, to choose the best materials and constuction methods, and to infuse our buildings with the most advanced technology solutions. And when the work is done, we want our product to still be affordable.

That's our vision of creating "the best value for money" in our industry. The founders of Vibe Properties bring together complementary experiences gathered locally and internationally - design, development, structuring, and financing - to cover the full range of competencies needed for the best results in this field.


Michael Israeli

Managing partner, Co-founder

Co-founder and the Managing Parner at Vibe Properties, Michael has been a developer for 20 years, having developed Shopping Malls and Residential Projects with hundreds of apartments in NYC and the USA, in Hungary, Romania and Israel.


Catalin Sima


Managing Partner at Vibe Properties, has over 7 years of experiences in managing residential real estate projects in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.


Rudolf Vizental

Board member, Co-founder

Co-founder at Vibe Properties, Partner of CITR Group, CEO of CIT Resources and the Fund Manager of ROCA (Romanian Capital). Has 20 years of experience in turnaround, banking and restructuring activities and currently coordinating the newest investment startup fund of RocaX.


Andrei Cionca


With over 20 years of experience in business, Andrei is the founder and president of CITR Group, ROCA, and the newest tech investment found, Roca X. His vision and mentality allowed him to lay the foundations of several sustainable companies.


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